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The Recoil Stabilizer is a loudspeaker platform that combines three basic components: a high-density urethane foam base to isolate the speaker from the shelf, monitor-bridge or stand; a heavy ¼” laser-cut steel plate; and a thin neoprene top surface. The foam effectively decouples the loudspeaker to eliminate vibration-borne resonance that invariably introduces phase anomalies, while the steel plate introduces significant mass to the structure, stabilizing the speaker. The no-slip surface coats the top to ensure the monitor stays firmly in place.

By reducing the backward ‘recoil’ as the speaker coil pushes energy forward, the initial transient no longer suffers lag and the sharpness of the resulting impulse is more defined.

The HF is designed to fire sound straight on, in a horizontal plane. This makes the HF an ideal choice for adjustable monitor stands and custom mounting in soffits or shelves where the added 2" height is desired. 




  • Dimension: 7.5" x 9.5" (190mm x 241mm)
  • Max Load: 10.4Kg
  • Height: 1.9" (48mm)

Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer RX5-HF (Horizontal Fire), pair

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