Helium510 is a highly versatile loudspeaker. Due to wide and even dispersion Helium510 performs well in real world placements, where traditional non-controlled speakers run into trouble. A typical example is bookshelf or TV cabinet, where controlled dispersion keeps the imaging and midrange clarity intact.




  • Bookshelf speakers that deliver unprecedented levels of sonic excellence and aural refinement.
  • Performance that matches its appearance, it is versatile and able to work with modest systems.
  • Characteristic Nordic design that translates into a clean, contemporary, timeless look.
  • Port plugs for an almost-sealed bass alignment to sonically adapt to different environments.




Operating principle

  • Two-way, vented


  • 1″ titanium tweeter
  • 5¼” paper woofer


  • 7 kg (15 lbs)

Crossover point

  • 1600 Hz


  • 86 dB

Frequency response

  • 48 – 25.000 Hz -6dB

Power recommendation

  • 20 – 100 W

Amphion Helium510 (per piece)

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