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Trending High End Acoustic Guitars!

It doesn’t take an expert level guitarist to recognize a high end acoustic guitar when they see one. These premium guitars have a charm you just can’t deny! Of course, with great charm comes great price tags as well. Do you ever wonder whether they are really worth it? Rest assured, they totally are! Here's a quick look as to why they cost a little higher than your standard guitars.

When compared to their more economical counterparts, high end acoustic guitars are superior in terms of their sound and playability. They also have better quality hardware, build quality and tonewoods. By tonewood we refer to the type and quality of wood used to make the body, neck and fretboard of the guitar. Cheaper woods don’t have as much depth of tone as the expensive ones.

Here’s a look at the three brands that are in demand today!

Martin Guitars:

The sheer feel of it will send shivers down your spine! Trust us! You’ll know you’re in the presence of something great. This acoustic gem has a prolific history that spans over two decades! Did you know, all Martin instruments are handmade? This is a testimony of their meticulous work, their passion for making guitars and their devotion to be connected to each and every guitar they make. Some of the giants in the music industry like Elvis Presley, John Lennon, John Mayer and Ed Sheeran, all loved performing on their Martins. One model in particular we recommend would be the Martin GPC-X2E. This model features a cutaway body with high pressure laminate back and sides. With a mother of pearl inlay on the fingerboard, this model is as impressive to look as it is to play!

Yamaha Guitars:

Yamaha’s wide range of acoustic guitars offers something for everyone. However, the recently launched Yamaha TransAcoustic guitar series has been making waves. The TransAcoustic guitar recreates the extraordinary experience of playing live without the need for any external amplification. The two models that we would like to bring to light here would be the Yamaha FGC-TA and Yamaha FSC-TA. These beautiful guitars are a combination of craftsmanship and revolutionary technology. They come with a built-in reverb and chorus effect that resonates within the body of the instrument. The guitar's cutaway design allows you to easily access every note on the fretboard.

Furch Guitars

Furch is known to have some of the finest acoustic instruments on the planet! Furch guitars have always had a knack for creativity and their patented designs. With the help of state of the art robotic technologies, they developed the renowned “Little Jane” acoustic guitar. This solid wood guitar is the only one of its kind! It has a unique design that allows it to be folded into the size of a backpack, making it the perfect travel guitar! The guitar can easily be assembled and disassembled, and does not lose its tune at all! The Little Jane has a soundboard that is individually tuned enhancing its tonal properties, giving it a clear, rich, balanced and dynamic sound. Here’s a link to watch the assembling of Little Jane!

Are you looking to buy an acoustic guitar? Visit a Reynold’s showroom and let us help find the right one for you! For more information, you can also visit our website Reynold’s or contact us on +91-95186-20000.

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