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Tips On Buying Your First Guitar

Do you have a budding rock star at home? Or are you a fledgling guitarist yourself? Learning to play a new instrument is an exciting affair and if it’s a guitar, it can be confusing to find one that works for you. Considering the numerous styles, models, sizes and brands available today, it’s no easy task choosing your first guitar. The most important point to keep in mind is to find one that sounds good, looks good and feels good to you.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you choose your first guitar!

Electric or Acoustic?

Adults and children alike are often influenced to play a certain instrument by their favorite band or artist. This is especially true for all novice guitarists. Parents often enquire about the difference between starting out with an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. In the end, they are both the same instrument and the technique used in one is most likely transferable to the other.

Electric guitars are trending in terms of style in today’s market. Once connected to an amplifier these bad boys open up a world of potential for a variety of sounds. These guitars are mostly used for those who are into rock, metal, blues, pop and jazz. Electric guitars are often considered to be easier to play when compared to acoustic guitars due to their narrow neck and thinner strings that are easier to press down. They also come in various sizes making them perfect for our aspiring young rock stars.

Acoustic guitars are designed to provide a rich sound without the use of electric amplification. They are mostly used in genres such as folk and country, but are occasionally used in rock and R&B. However, acoustic guitars have thick strings, which are harder to press down, making them more difficult than the electric guitar for beginner’s to play.

Reliable Store: Can never be too careful!

Photo taken at Reynold's Inc., Brigade Road, Bangalore

Today, the web is the first place anyone goes to buy absolutely anything under the sun, including instruments. But as an aspiring guitarist, it is important that you see, feel, hear and hold the instrument before you purchase it. Always go to a musical instrument store when buying a guitar for the first time. A good musical instrument store will allow you to try out different guitars and will also have professional staff who can give you an in-depth explanation of the various guitar types and demonstrate the differences in sound, making it easier for you to choose your first guitar.

Brands and Models: A crucial decision!

It’s common knowledge that guitars below Rs.5000/- are unreliable. They are poorly built and indirectly affect a person's interest to learn to play the guitar. It’s advisable to invest a decent amount of funds when buying your first guitar if you are serious about learning this fabulous instrument. Owning a guitar that looks, sounds and feels good to you is vital for your growth as a guitarist. Some of the models we suggest for beginner’s are the Clayton MC39EQ, Yamaha Pacifica 012, Fender SQ Bullet Strat HSS and Clayton DC41CEQ.


Guitar accessories are not only important for better performance but also helps keep the instrument safe. Some of the accessories which we feel are mandatory when buying your first guitar are listed below.

  • Guitar Strings: These are absolutely essential accessories that are particularly handy in a situation where your string breaks. (We suggest stocking up on those 1st strings as these tend to break the easiest). Guitar strings often become dull or rusted after a few months of use, so it’s never a bad idea to have a spare set of strings lying around.

  • Guitar Tuner: This accessory is a no brainer! This is an important piece in your starter pack of owning a guitar and does exactly what its name states, tuning!

  • Picks: If you like to play with your fingers on the acoustic guitar then this wouldn’t be an accessory to be placed at the top of your list. However, for most beginner’s this is an accessory essential to have in hand in order to learn how to strum chords.

  • Guitar Cables: For those guitars that require to be plugged into an amp, this is a must have!

  • Guitar Straps: You can never be too careful while playing the guitar especially if you’re a beginner! Owning a sturdy strap not only ensures that you never drop the guitar but also eases the weight of the instrument off your back.

  • Guitar case: This accessory is a prerequisite for any guitar owner, beginner’s and pros alike. It protects your guitar whether you’ve stored it at home or you’re traveling to a gig. They also provide you with space to store other guitar accessories like spare strings, picks, cables and more!

Reynold’s Inc. (previously J. Reynold's & Co.) was the first company in India to manufacture both acoustic and electric guitars. With three well located showrooms in Bangalore as well as one in Hyderabad, our music stores have never failed to keep a customer satisfied! Visit a Reynolds’s store near you and let our experts help you choose the perfect guitar for YOU!

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