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Choosing a piano for your home

Let’s face the truth, most people are skeptical about buying a piano. A good piano does not come cheap and with the numerous options available today, it can be overwhelming to choose one. Before choosing a piano you should ask yourself the following:

Where will you place the piano in your home?

Do you have the space for a piano at home?

How much are you willing to spend on one?

Which piano best suits your needs or your family’s needs?

The maintenance cost of the piano.

And finally the sound you're looking for in a piano.

The first and foremost decision to make is the kind of piano you want to add to your home. There are two types of pianos. Let’s take a quick look at them!

Types of Piano:

1. Acoustic Pianos

Grand Piano

Acoustic pianos are a much better option if you are looking for something long-term. The main difference between an acoustic piano and a digital piano is the mechanism. Acoustic pianos have hammers & steel strings encased in a wooden exterior that is connected to the keys. When the key is pressed, the hammer moves & strikes the strings which in turn creates vibration & produces sound. This is what creates the rich sound in an acoustic piano. The two basic subdivisions of an acoustic piano are upright and grand. Upright or vertical pianos run the strings vertically and are hence more compact for apartments and homes that face space constraints. Grand pianos run the strings horizontally and hence have a longer body and a slightly different overtone. They are considered to be the epitome of luxury! Even though acoustic pianos are more on the expensive side, the craftsmanship involved and the materials used to make them justify the price. This is an aspirational piano for any budding pianist and will maintain its perfect condition for years to come.

Upright Piano

Some of the acoustic pianos we suggest are the Yamaha U1J and the JX113T.

2. Digital pianos

A digital piano sounds similar to the acoustic piano but the way it produces sound is very different. When you press on a key in a digital piano, a sensor is activated and a recording of an acoustic piano is played through a set of speakers. They are ergonomic, have recording options, have different piano sounds, and have a host of other features not available in acoustic pianos, which is what most beginner pianists look for these days.

Depending on your budget, there are digital pianos with USB ports, end number of sounds & tones, sample music, and even touch screens that help you learn.

Today, there are luxury digital pianos including digital grand pianos which have pre-recorded music perfect for playing in the background during events or in hotel lobbies to give it a luxurious feel.

The benefits of digital pianos are:

  • They are more affordable

  • Have high quality sampling sounds of grand pianos, organs & even other instruments

  • Don't require tuning

  • Have volume adjustments and can be used with headphones

  • More engaging for kids

  • Have background rhythms

  • Recording capabilities

  • Special learning technology

We personally feel that the Yamaha CLP series and the Roland RP series are a great choice for beginners because they have inbuilt learning technology.


The price of pianos vary based on the brands and models. It is important to keep a price range in mind before you enter a musical instrument store. Knowing how much you are willing to spend on a piano will help you narrow down your options and give you a clearer picture on the brands available for that particular budget.


This is a common mistake most first-time buyers of pianos make. Ensure that you measure the space you have kept aside for the instrument in your home! Some pianos are just not a viable option for your home's layout and that’s a truth a lot of people find hard to swallow. Certain acoustic pianos are often difficult to carry and are bigger in size. Whereas, the digital pianos and keyboards are more compact in size and extremely portable. If you're keen on buying an acoustic piano, it would be wise to check your door size and if you stay in an apartment and live on a higher floor, it would be advisable to check with a trusted dealer on the installation of the piano as well!

Visit a Reynolds’s store near you and let our experts help you choose the perfect piano for you and your home!

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