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Unveiling the Epiphone J-45EC: A Versatile Instrument for Precision and Performance

The Epiphone J-45EC boasts a Solid Sitka Spruce Top Wood and a Mahogany Neck, complemented by an Ebony Fretboard and Granadillo Bridge Material. Equipped with Fishman Presys Pickup Electronics, it offers versatility in sound reproduction.

With string gauge options from .012 to .052, it provides flexibility for various playing styles. Ideal for alternative picking with picks ranging from 1mm to 1.38mm, it ensures precise articulation. Supporting both 12 and 13 gauge strings, it maintains stability without compromising on tone. For strumming, picks between .45mm to 1mm deliver an authentic and professional sound, enhanced by the guitar's robust construction and materials. Thanks to its large gauge strings and high-quality body, it minimizes buzzing noise for an immersive playing experience.

Check out this brief clip of our expert team at the Brigade Store jamming to a Metallica track on the Epiphone J-45EC!


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