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Focus on quality, power and technology takes Reynolds to the top 5 sound & lights companies in India

Felix Remedios, Managing Director, RSLS (photographed above, left) with the first worldwide delivery of the D&B GSL system.

Our first system was put together using #Philips (Holland) drivers installed in our own homemade cabinets, says Felix Remedios, Managing Director, Reynolds Sound and Lighting (RSLS). "We used an Ahuja amp, and Ahuja microphones. At that time, we did not know anything about audio mixers etc. Musicians who came to our music store, which I had opened up in Bengaluru needed good sound for their gigs and therefore in 1982, I expanded into the audio rental business. Initially most of the gigs we did were for small dance bands and college festivals."

Today Reynold’s has rapidly grown into India’s biggest name in technical live event solutions and distribution of professional entertainment-related gear. Employing over 150 full-time staff and engineers all managed from the Head Office in Bengaluru, it features among the top sound and light companies across India. Apart from sound, the company also offers Lighting, Video (both LED and Projection) as well as trussing / rigging equipment for events operating from facilities  in Bangalore and Hyderabad

With sound and lighting technology upgrading itself constantly RSLS is keeping its date with technology. Apart from the state of the art D&B GSL and KSL systems, the company has a sizeable inventory of Meyer Sound  and Audio Focus Speakers . The lighting inventory includes #ClayPaky and PR Intelligent lights, as well as a huge inventory of LED lights. For video projections, the company uses a mix of #Christie, #Barco and #Panasonic  projectors, #Liantronics & #Esdilumens LED Screens and AV switchers from #Extron, #Lightware and the recently procured #BarcoE2 switcher. Trussing  is from #TotalFab, #Eurotruss and #UniversalTruss while scaffolding used for all events is from #Layher, Germany.

Since its inception Reynold's has always been closely associated with music and sound. Besides being the first indigenous acoustic guitar manufacturer, Reynolds has always supported the small but growing international music community in India, through its support of events like the International Jazz Yatra, in Goa which kick started their journey into events. The company used their first compact sound system - the #Meyersound #MSL-4 system - for the #MCHammer and #DeepPurple shows in 2001. Since then the company has invested in the latest state of the art speakers, amplifiers and audio mixers and has been the Audiovisual partner of choice for leading International artists / bands such #Metallica, Guns n Roses, #DavidGuetta, #MarkKnopfler, #BryanAdams, #Aerosmith, #DeepPurple, #IronMaiden, and more. They have also worked closely with world renowned Indian artists including  #ARRahman, #SonuNigam, #Shaan, #AnoushkaShankar, Ustaad Amjad Ali Khan, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, #Euphoria, #IndianOcean, #Parikrama, etc. Most international bands that toured between 2001 to 2019 used #ReynoldsSound as their partners during their tours in India. Bryan Adams who visited India 5 times till 2018 used Reynolds Sound for all his concerts in Bangalore. 

For Reynolds, investing in the latest technology and systems is fairly simple. It has all got to do with the audio quality, the power delivered by the speakers and the technology that runs the system. 

This focus on quality, technology and power has not gone unnoticed. In 2017, Reynolds was part of a select group of  a 30 customers worldwide that were invited to hear the first official preview of the #D&B #GSL system in 2017 and once again were invited to Germany in 2018 for a hearing of the #D&BKSL prototype since D&B wanted them to be a part of the first group of potential customers to preview their new system. "The size to power ratio of the new SL Series is truly incredible, says Reynold's chief, Felix Remedios. “It delivers 3db more power than what is currently available in the market. It is amazingly simple to rig; easy to move around; and has the power to handle all the major venues.”

Today, Reynold's is a ONE STOP solution and most event companies prefer to work with them as they don’t have to look for multiple vendors as everything is available under one roof. To add to this, the company has a full-fledged service centre comprising eight full time technicians and a fleet of ten cargo trucks and also passenger vehicles for crew / equipment transportation.

Efficiency and excellence - are some of the reasons Reynold's clients return to work with them. So the next time you are thinking of hosting a world class event in India - Think Reynold's ! They are your one-stop shop for all sound and light requirements. 

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