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A Beginner’s Guide to Audio Interfaces

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what an audio interface is, here's a quick run through on what an audio interface is and why it is used. An audio interface is a device that runs audio in and out of your computer or mobile device. You may be wondering why a computer or mobiles inbuilt speaker wouldn’t suffice. Let me tell you why!

One of the main reasons an audio interface is used is because a computer or a mobile device’s headphone jacks and speakers are not designed for the best audio quality. Recording music can be hard without the help of an audio interface. Audio interfaces improve the quality of sound going in and out of your device using what is called analog to digital converters on the inputs and digital to analog converters on the output. In layman terms, an audio interface converts microphone and instrument signals into a format your computer and software recognise. An interface also routes audio from your computer to your headphones and studio monitors. A good audio interface supports a 24 bit conversion at up to at least a 48KHz sample rate, with low THD%. Always ensure that you choose an audio interface with the format that matches your device.

Here are a few of the best selling audio interfaces according to us.

1.Universal Audio Volt:

From the giants that brought you the game changing Apollo Interface, we present to you, the Universal Audio Volt! This long awaited, budget friendly interface range provides you with a superior sound quality with more character and tone than any USB interface of its class! They not only come with a bunch of free plug-ins but also retain that classy, vintage look that we all love!

2.Focusrite Scarlett:

This infamous brand needs no introduction. Retaining the title of “number 1 budget friendly interface” for the last couple of years, the Focusrite Scarlett has a great choice of sound cards for both new and experienced recording enthusiasts alike. They offer a new plug-in every couple of months and help you capture studio quality sound with ease!

3.Audient EVO 4 & 8:

This renowned British audio brand delivers a whole new level of intuitive user experience that not only makes great sound recordings but makes the process as effortless as possible! One of EVO’s most unique features, Smartgain, automatically sets the gain levels when the user starts playing or singing. This makes it ideal for people who are either starting out or those who like to focus on creativity. The EVO 4 is a 2 in/2 out audio interface, which means that it supports input from up to two microphones or instruments, and can output to speakers and/or headphones, as well as your computer. Whereas, the EVO 8 has four balanced 1/4" line outputs and two 1/4" headphone outputs, the EVO 8 can act as the central hub for multiple sets of speakers and headphones.

4.Yamaha Steinberg:

These sound cards come in a compact and portable package, allowing you to record and deliver a high resolution sound, be it in the comfort of your home or at any other location. Powered by Yamaha's SSP3 DSP chip, the audio interface provides zero-latency while monitoring the audio from any device. This audio interface is also power packed with various effects that instantly upgrade your content to studio level quality!

5.Behringer U-PHORIA:

Behringer UMC series audio interfaces are one of the most pocket friendly sound cards in the market. But don’t let the cost sway you, because they definitely don’t compromise on the performance. The Behringer interfaces give you a pure sound quality, uncoloured and no noise. It’s a great interface for beginners who are on a budget as well as professionals who need to record on the go!

Looking for the perfect audio interface? Look no further! Reynold’s has a wide array of audio interfaces you can choose from. For more information, visit our website Reynold’s or contact us on +91-95186-20000

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