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An Affair Extraordinaire!

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Weddings, as we all know, are timeless events. Grand weddings are no longer an event for the aristocrats! Weddings have now become a royal affair with a traditional touch. Modern weddings these days get their inspiration for the decor, entertainment, catering and even lighting aspect from content posted on various social media platforms. Today you can customise weddings to suit your personal style. From locations to decor you could create the most extraordinary wedding setup with the right help.

Taking a look at the current scenario, the pandemic has taken a huge toll on events and the economy. It has affected the lives of many in profound ways. People even need to think twice before having a physical wedding. It was an event that everyone got excited about and people loved planning. A lot of people dread planning the occasion and the risks involved in it. But as the days have gone by and most of the population are vaccinated, weddings have once again become a cheerful occasion that people have continued to celebrate with great vigour.

Reynold’s being one of the leading companies in the Indian entertainment and music industry, use unique lighting and video graphic elements as well as sound to help make your special day extravagant in every aspect.



The above two images show a ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the set up that the Reynold’s team helped plan and execute successfully for a wedding at the Bangalore palace, bringing it to life at night. Doesn’t it look phenomenal?

Look at this masterpiece! The trussing structure for this wedding covered a distance of 300 feet by 250 feet and engulfed the dining area with its beautiful decor structures suspended from the truss. Can you believe that each decor piece weighed in at almost 250kg? If you’re looking for a strong truss structure, look no further! The decor pieces were highlighted radiantly using LED Pars and Moving Head Lighting fixtures that glamorised the entire set up.

Check out this fearless couple! Their wedding dreams were turned into a reality by our team. With the help of 4 truss motors, this customised truss hoisted the couple to a height of 20 feet!

Whether it’s a music concert, corporate conference, public launch, a full-fledged festival or a wedding, our dedicated teams of professional sound, lighting, video and rigging engineers settle for nothing short of perfection. Reynold’s has set the benchmark for events for years and we will continue to add a wow factor to all events that we are a part of.

For more information, visit our website Reynold’s or contact us on +91-95186-20000.

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