• 7A – Lightest of all the options here. Thin, ideal for jazz or any light music
  • 5A – The 5A pair of drum sticks is slightly heavier than the 7A but is the same thickness. They are also designed for light and fast playing but offer a bigger sound because they are slightly heavier. The “standard” drumstick, suited for all playing styles from Rock to Jazz
  • 5B - The 5B pair of drum sticks is very similar to that of a 5A but is slightly thicker. Since the 5B is slightly thicker, there will be a more powerful sound when hitting the drum, but for the most part everything else is the same.  Suited for playing styles like Rock, Funk and Metal

Vic Firth Wooden tip drumsticks (5A/5B/ 7A)



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Bengaluru 560047