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These stylish drummer-centric cans are new and improved for v2, with upgraded 50mm drivers and a more comfortable headband for a richer, more immersive listening experience. 25dB of passive noise reduction protects your ears against harmful sound levels. And an integrated cable with an 1/8" stereo plug and an included 1/4" adapter keep the SIH2s performance ready wherever you take them. 




  • Isolation headphones with 25dB of passive noise deduction
  • Protects your ears during practice or performance
  • Designed for drummers. Suited for all musicians.
  • Equipped for the stage and studio
  • Stylish gray carbon fiber finish
  • 50mm drivers yield bigger bass, fuller mids, and cleaner, more present highs
  • Redesigned headband offers even greater comfort
  • Snug fit — stays on your head as you perform
  • Integrated cable with 1/8" stereo plug and 1/4" adapter




  • pen/Closed: Closed
  • Fit Style: Circumaural (Around the Ear)
  • Driver Size: 50mm
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Noise Attenuation: 25dB
  • Cable Type: Straight
  • Cable Length: 5.5 ft.
  • Plug Size: 1/8" plug, 1/4" adapter
  • Color: Carbon Fiber

Vic Firth SIH2 Stereo Isolation Headphones

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