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Volca keys is a 27-key analog lead synth that generates unbelievably powerful sound from its compact body. Starting with a filter section that uses the circuitry of the legendary miniKORG700S (1974), it delivers astonishing sound that takes full advantage of Korg's half-century of know-how in circuit design.
With a simple structure that includes delay effect and a sequencer, it's also an ideal choice as a first analog synth. It offers the richly expressive sounds that are distinctive of an analog synth, providing the enjoyment of simple yet deep sound-creation.



Polyphonic performance

Simple three-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer

With its structure of 3VCO, 1VCF, 1VCA, 1LFO, and 1EG, the volca keys has a recognizable, versatile structure. The ability to generate diverse and powerful sounds with just a few carefully selected parameters is a distinctive characteristic of analog synthesizers. This is also an ideal beginner's instrument for learning the enjoyment of creating your own sounds.

Voicing function lets anyone create sounds easily

The Voicing function makes it easy to specify how the three oscillators will be combined. Simply turn the knob to choose one of six combinations: Poly, Unison, Octave, Fifth, Unison Ring, or Poly Ring. 

Delay effect for even more sonic possibilities

The volca keys contains a delay effect that's indispensable for creating spacey synthesizer sounds. This effect also reproduces the pitch change that occurs when you change the delay time on an analog tape echo unit.


Simple loop sequencer

Loop sequencer lets you record phrases just as you play them

There's a loop sequencer with up to 16 steps, allowing you to record your performance on the touch panel keyboard just as you play.

Use the Motion Sequence function to meticulously craft your loops

The Motion Sequence function lets you record knob movements, letting you apply time-varying changes to your sound that will enhance your loops and add originality to your live performances.

Use the Active Step function and Flux function to add dynamic change to your sequences

Active Step is a function that lets you skip a step during sequence playback. It can create effects similar to a short loop or unexpectedly irregular rhythms, allowing dynamic performances just as though you were performing the sequence itself.


Self-tuning function

Until now, the problem with analog synthesizers has been that the pitch would drift with changes in temperature or the passage of time. The volca solves this by providing a Self-tuning function that constantly tunes the oscillators


SYNC jack and MIDI IN connector allow synchronized performance with multiple units or with your DAW

By using the sync jack you can enjoy synchronized playback with multiple volcas or with a monotribe. The MIDI IN connector lets you synchronize with other devices, as well as play the volca from any MIDI keyboard. You can also send note messages from your DAW and use the volca as an analog sound module.


Compact size, battery-powered operation, and built-in speaker for enjoyment anywhere

With its compact size, battery operation, and built-in speaker, it's easy to take the volca anywhere and perform any time.




  • Keyboard: Multi touch Keyboard
  • Synthesizer:

                  Type: Analog synthesis

                  Maximum Polyphony: 3

                  Structure: 3VCO, 1VCF, 1VCA, 1LFO, 1EG

                  VCO: Octave, Ring Modulation, Detune, Portamento, EG Int.

                  VCO Wave: Sawtooth, Square

                  CF: Cutoff, Peak, EG Int

                  VCF Type: Low Pass Filter, 12 db/oct

                   LFO: Rate, Pitch Int, Cutoff Int, Wave (Sawtooth, Triangle, Square)

                   EG: Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain

  • Effects

            Delay: Time, Feedback, Temp Sync

  • Sequencer 

            Number of parts: 1

            Number of Steps: 16

            Number of Recording Patterns: 8

  • Connectors

           Audio Output: Headphones (3.5mm stereo mini jack)

           Sync: Sync In (3.5mm monaural mini jack, Maximum input level: 20V)
                        Sync Out (3.5mm monaural mini jack, Maximum Output level: 5V)

           MIDI: In

  • Power

            Battery Life: Approximately 10 hours (using alkaline batteries)

             Power supply:  AA alkaline battery ×6
                                            AA nickel-metal hydride battery ×6
                                            AC adapter “KA-350” (optional)

  • Others

           Accessories: AA alkaline battery ×6 (for verifying operation)

           Options: AC adapter (KA-350)

           Dimensions (W x D x H): 193 × 115 ×46 mm / 7.61 x 4.54 x 1.81 inches

           Weight:  377 g / 0.83 lbs (Excluding batteries)


Korg Volca Keys Analog Synthesizer Module

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