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The JTS TK-280 dynamic cardioid live microphone, equipped with the most popular capsule, provides excellent performance for lead and backup vocals, and instrument making at a moderate price and is comparable in sound quality to many microphones costing much more. The magnetic reed type On/Off switch provides silent switching and can also be placed into a locked position to prevent accidental or unwanted tampering. The internal pneumatic shock mount system assures low handling noise whether used in a handheld application or when placed on a microphone stand.




Type  Moving Coil Dynamic
  Frequency Response  80~12,000 Hz
  Polar Pattern   Cardioid, rotationally symmetrical about
  microphone axis, uniform with frequency
  Sensitivity (at 1,000Hz)   -75dB*(0.18mV)*0dB=1V/μbar
  Impedance  600Ω

JTS TK-280, dynamic cardiod microphone

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