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Why You Need A Power Conditioner!

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Today, let's take a closer look at one of those often overlooked studio essentials that can really make a huge difference to how well your gear performs. Say hello to the Power Conditioner - a device that processes, cleans up, and stabilises the voltage coming out of an Alternating Current (AC) power outlet. If you're a musician, a DJ, or just anyone looking to get some additional protection for your sensitive and expensive electronics, well, you need a Power Conditioner! Here's why:

1. Filtering Simply put, a Power Conditioner purifies the power coming into your devices by removing noise and other artefacts from the power. It smooths out voltage fluctuations as well as radio and electromagnetic interference that can affect performance of any gear. This way, your equipment will be able to operate at its best capacity.

2. Surge Protection

A Power Conditioner will safeguard your instruments, amps, speakers, and other gear and prevent voltage spikes from destroying your equipment. Remember, its main job is to protect connected devices from big voltage spikes or fluctuations that can cause damage to any connected gear.

3. Improved Sound Quality Using a Power Conditioner will improve the overall sound quality of your analog gear and also help digital gear perform well. This tool comes in handy especially while recording in a studio. No more flat sound while mixing... What a relief!

4. Extended Lifespan Of Gear In a place like India, where voltage fluctuations are common, you need something that will ensure consistent operation of your gear. This is where a Power Conditioner comes in. By cleaning the voltage through multi stage filteration process it ultimately extends the life of your product by providing power you can rely on.

How much does a Power Conditioner cost?

A Power Conditioner can range steeply in price based on type, options, and quality from less than Rs 15,000 to upwards of Rs 80,000. Luckily, the difference between even the most basic conditioner and none at all, is dramatic. Here at Reynold's, we offer the finest selection of Power Conditioners for all budgets and needs.

The top 3 we recommend:

Top Features:

  • Noise Filtration AC noise filtering to reduce radio frequency and electromagnetic interference (RFI/EMI)

  • Surge Protection Spike & surge protection ensures equipment stays safe and your power stays clean

  • 11 Total Outlets 10 rear panel outlets and 1 front panel convenience outlet

  • 10 Amp Rating 10 amp rating, with circuit breaker

  • "Protection OK" Indicator Front panel indicator LED lets you know that your equipment is being protected

Top Features:

  • Furman's exclusive SMP Technology provides the highest level of surge & spike protection available

  • LiFT offers linear AC power filtering to ensure clean power for unequaled audio & video clarity

  • Auto-Reset EVS circuitry detects dangerous voltage irregularities and safely powers down itself and connected equipment in unsafe conditions

  • LED indicators provide information on power quality and operational status of unit

  • 10 amp rating featuring circuit breaker for added protection

  • Zero ground contamination circuitry protects critical video circuits

  • Compact chassis design easily attaches to any flat screen television mount or any other remote location


Top Features:

  • Surge Protection Furman's exclusive SMP technology provides the highest level of surge & spike protection available.

  • Noise Filtration LiFT offers AC power filtering to ensure clean power for unequaled audio & video clarity.

  • Voltage Protection Advanced EVS circuitry detects dangerous voltage irregularities and safely powers down itself and connected equipment in unsafe conditions.

  • Pull-out Lights Dual smooth track retractable LED lights illuminate equipment in your rack.

  • Diagnostic Lights LED status indicators warn you when voltage is outside of nominal range or when protection has been compromised.

  • LED Voltmeter Segmented LED voltmeter monitors and displays incoming line voltage.

  • Isolated Banks Isolated outlet banks minimize inter-component interference and noise contamination.

  • 10 AMP Rating 10 Amp rating featuring a high inrush magnetic circuit breaker for added protection.

  • 11 Total Outlets 11 total outlets (10 rear panel outlets and one front panel convenience outlet).

  • BNC Lamp Connector Rear panel BNC connector powers any standard gooseneck lamp for rear rack illumination.

So now you know, investing in a power conditioner is a sure-shot way to prevent potential gear-related issues by ensuring clean, noise-free power as well as the surge protection you need.



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